Milton lloyd - Natalie  2.8 oz

 - A blend of red fruits, iris, cedar wood, amber, woody, gourmand, and vanilla.All of our fragrances are MADE IN ENGLAND, to an exceptional standard; This is an authentic product backed by its original manufacturer

 - Top Note: Red Fruits, Iris
 - Middle Note: Floral, Cedarwood 
 - Base Note: Amber, Woody, Vanilla

 - High quality, long-lasting fragrances; we give a 6 hour guarantee

 - Milton-Lloyd Began In 1975 And Has Built Its Reputation By Offering Luxury Fragrances At Affordable Prices. An Excellent Fragrance Is Not Created By The Expensive Bottle It Comes In Nor By The Advertising That Promotes It. An Outstanding Fragrance Is Created By The Essence That Is Contained Inside Of The Bottle. After All, It Will Be The Perfume You Will Be Wearing So It Must Be The Best Thing About The Product.
Creating long lasting, luxury fragrance is what we are passionate about, which is why we find a way to get it to you in the most affordable packaging with very little advertising. The perfume is what we invest in; We buy the finest quality; longest lasting oils, and we put them in at the highest concentration to ensure we repeatedly delight the final consumer.

 - We rely on delighting the consumer as it is your recommendations that have been our advertising and promotion since the beginning and has been the best endorsement of our fragrance.


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